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What is Patriot Writing?

Patriot Writing was born out of a devotion to the principles that make this nation great. Innovation, perseverance, and hard work are poured into every project.


As a ghostwriter, I specialize in memoirs, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Research, interviews, proofreading, and discretion are included in every project.


As a blogger, I specialize in self-help and a lifestyle change mindset.


As a speaker, my tool belt of experience has provided a number of ways to relate, connect, and deliver a lasting message.


Every project is different, but you can expect rates consistent with market prices and my skillset. Call or email for a free quote.



Chad Taylor.


Inspirational speaker.

Truth be told, I started writing at about 10 years old when I found a dusty typewriter in my dad’s basement. The keys had to be mashed for the letters to appear on the page. All summer, I typed short stories filled with adventure and heroism.


20 years later, a wide range of personal and professional experiences led me to ghostwrite and motivational speaking. The United States Marine Corps, Apple Inc, published author, and the USC Cinematic Arts program has shaped my body of work.


In the U.S. Marine Corps, I built a foundation in leadership by earning the rank of Sergeant on my first tour. 


At the USC Cinematic Arts program, I fine-tuned my storytelling ability by learning the art of the “pitch” and screenplay structure. 


Over a 16-year tenure at Apple Inc, I’ve designed and facilitated content rooted in leadership and employee development. 


As a published author and a recognized screenwriter in worldwide competition, I understand the importance of knowing the target audience and how to engage them by meeting their needs.


A decade of screenwriting has developed a unique ghostwriting skill in expressing another person’s voice, tone, and vision. 


My strength as a speaker is delivering a message that invigorates each participant.



Memoir, screenwriting, published articles, and more.

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A compelling vision. An engaging story.

Ignite an audience into action.

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